Nieubreed Website Launched

June 15, 2009

Greetings everyone! This is Kathy, the summer intern at Affiliate Media. Or, as the guys jokingly refer to me, The Lowly Intern. My hope is that, through bribery with scrumptious foodstuffs, they’ll be guilted into bestowing upon me an official title that is slightly more impressive and snazzy. We’ll see how that goes.  (Update as of June 29th: I am now officially known here as the “Marketing Coordinator” . Whoo! I knew all those cookies would pay off eventually.) I personally felt that I was qualified for this position based on the relevant courses I’ve taken at Tufts and my work as an event planner/marketing liaison with various campus groups. What won Foley over, however, was my ability to sad-puppy-dog-face myself into obtaining a plastic cup and spoon for free from certain culinary establishments in Medford Square so that he could enjoy his cereal one morning. Who woulda thought that that would be the monumental assignment which determined my worth to this company? I get a kick out of it. It’s not exactly something I can add to the resume, but I’m certainly glad I passed the test. And yet, even after the accomplishment of such a fantastic feat, “The Lowly Intern” is the moniker that stuck. Psch.

However, my bruised ego is not the subject of this post. Nieubreed is. Whooo!! We officially launched the website this past Saturday, so we’re absolutely tickled about that. As you probably know, Nieubreed is a boutique media company that specializes in wedding and event cinematography and photography. Foley, Xavier and Jonathan have been working feverishly on creating the commercial that will be featured in our promotional DVDs, finishing up the bee-yoo-tiful website that will make its grand debut shortly, and delegating tasks to me that no one else wants to do (I can’t complain too much though…I have yet to be sent on the dreaded coffee run, which is a task that every Lowly Intern prays to avoid for the sake of his/her dignity).

I have helped out the Nieubreed movement by researching Boston wedding boutiques, salons, flower shops, wedding planners, venues…the works. After compiling my handy dandy little list, I commenced the joyous task of cold calling. Let me tell you, it was super fun. My proudest accomplishment in regards to this assignment is the fact that out of about 1,678,945 phone calls (oh my, there’s that confabulation creeping in again), I was only hung up on once. It’s true! *takes a bow*. Due to my stealthy way with words and oh so charming personality (plus a wee bit of good ol’ fashioned begging), we were able to secure appointments with a variety of businesses in the area. Foley and I went to our first meeting just yesterday morning, to a fantastic salon in the Boston area. After showing the owner everything that Nieubreed has to offer, she said she was very open to the idea of establishing a partnership with us. Foley and I let out a deafening “Whoo hoo”, did a spectacular victory dance, and left feeling very accomplished. Nah, just kidding. That would have been horribly unprofessional. We waited til we were outside the building to do the victory jig.

We have more appointments lined up in the next few weeks, so hopefully this will really get the ball rolling on establishing our name and forming partnerships with other companies involved in the wedding/special event field. I will help this process along by maintaining a Miss America-esque smile as Foley does all of the talking. I still fear that one silly misstep of mine could result in my single-handedly bringing down the entire company. Therefore, at least for the time being, I’ll leave the conversing to the head honchos. I’m perfectly content with being more of a behind-the-scenes gal.

It is a severe understatement to say that a lot of work has gone into the creation of Nieubreed. I leave the office completely sapped of energy, and I’m not even the one putting in all the late nights to make sure that everything gets done in time. I truly don’t know how Foley, Xavier and Jonathan do it. They don’t sleep. Apparently it’s not necessary. It is not likely that I’ll be putting that idea to the test myself though. I may not be able to assist them with Photoshop and Final Cut projects (they have seen my graphic design skills and they have decided that my talents lay elsewhere), but I can help them out in my own little ways. I can amuse them with my artillery of inane ramblings and irrelevant anecdotes, I can enthusiastically join in whenever Xavier sings Celine Dion and NSYNC songs out of delusion brought on by sleep deprivation (he may deny this, but it has happened multiple times now), and, of course, I can bring them cookies and brownies. That last tactic seems to be the most effective for some reason.

And all of you, our beloved, loyal devotees, can help out too. Visit the brand spanking new website at and feel free to ooo and ahhh over the extraordinary talent that abounds within this company. Or, if you feel oh so inclined, go get engaged right now and hire us to film the wedding. You may think that I am kidding. Mwah ha ha.

So that is what has been going on with the office recently. I certainly think I have demonstrated my true colors in this post. Sure, I may be a little kooky, but this is not the Traditional Internship (yay!!) and I am not the Traditional Intern (those poor guys didn’t know what was coming). In all sincerity, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work here over the summer. I know that I will be learning a ton, both in regards to marketing/public relations, but also about life in general (I already have a list going entitled “Foley, Xavier, and Jonathan’s Nuggets of Wisdom” to keep track of all the genius that’s flying around here…yes, really). And hopefully I can return the favor by assisting the guys in attaining the recognition and accolades that their overwhelming brilliance so deserves. Aww…isn’t that sweet? Yes it is. Now go and check out the website. You will be absolutely transfixed. And the guys will finally be able to catch up on sleep, so everybody wins.
Until my next nutty post,


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