Anthony & Rosemarie’s Engagement Photo Shoot

June 16, 2009

Anthony and Rosemarie’s engagement shoot started off in a field behind the JFK Library. All the cattails in the area served as a great backdrop because they gave off a strong romantic, earthy feel while still letting the personalities of these two individuals shine through. The photographers and cameramen relished the chance to play with movement, asking the couple to run through the fields for a good part of the shoot. Anthony thought of himself as an action hero in a blockbuster movie, sprinting through a field after the bad guys in order to save the world…or something like that. Basically, they were good sports about it. Although this was originally intended to be a ‘trash-the-dress’ shoot, Anthony and Rosemarie decided that they wanted more of an artsy feel to it, a chance to be themselves in an interesting environment.

After ample frolicking, everyone headed to the pier along the Boston Harbor. They were able to get some really fantastic shots of the couple around the area and in front of the water.

The shoot went really well. Does the following picture look oddly familiar? Well it just so happens that it was chosen to be the banner of this blog (look at the top of the page and be astounded). Enjoy your newfound celebrity, guys!


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