Jyll & Nathan’s Engagement Photo Shoot

June 16, 2009

Because Jyll and Nathan are such an awesomely aggressive and sporty couple, skipping around in a field of daisies for for their engagement shoot simply would not suffice. Instead, everything began in a boxing ring at Faricano, a new gym in Stoneham.  Michael, the owner, couldn’t have been nicer, allowing the crew to shoot there after hours for as long as they needed.

At first, the crew just took some shots of Jyll and Nathan goofing around in the ring.  Soon enough, they decided it would be fun to have them box for real. Jyll happily complied and started going to town on Nathan, as he helplessly tried to shield himself from her relentless fists of fury. Deciding it was time to fight back, however, he promptly did so, knocking Jyll right to the ground. This is probably not a normal occurrence for an engagement shoot, but everyone found it quite entertaining regardless…perhaps except for Jyll.  Afterward, with the couple still tired and sweaty from their epic battle, Vince and Xavier thought it would be cool to photograph them on the fire escape behind the gym. A nearby bright red wall provided a striking backdrop for some beautiful stills.

After leaving the gym, everyone headed to the Sheepfold area of the Middlesex Fells at sunset in hopes of  capturing a warm, sunny feel in the photographs. However, all of the clouds that evening cast a brilliant blue haze on the area instead. It wasn’t quite what they were originally after, but it provided for an incredibly striking environment to shoot in nevertheless.

Thankfully, it seems that Jyll eventually forgave Nathan for the knock out.


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