Will & Joi’s Engagement Photo Shoot

June 16, 2009

Will and Joi’s engagement shoot took place on a Sunday morning in mid May.  It was overcast, so everyone was  nervous about the shoot being ruined by a downpour. Luckily, Mother Nature decided to spare the couple and the rain held off. It doesn’t seem that anything could have hampered their spirits anyway, though. Aww. Although the guys had originally wanted to shoot inside the Boston Convention Center (“renegade style”…ooo!), their efforts were derailed by security. No worries though. They walked around the waterfront instead and managed to get a bunch of fantastic shots.

Many pictures were taken in the old, industrial areas of Boston. The crew then brought Will and Joi to the Courthouse T stop on the Silver Line. The stunning architecture and lighting in that location provided a venue that was elegant and classic with a slightly modern feel. The last stop of the day was the MIT campus, in which the crew took advantage of the Greco-Roman style architecture that is prevalent there. This venue definitely reflected Will and Joi’s request for a more traditional feel, nothing too zany. With the couple all spiffed up in such beautiful settings, Foley remarked that it looked as though they were Barack and Michelle, on their way to the White House.

So…. there was this nice shot that Foley just so happened to walk into…. good job guy!!


One Response to “Will & Joi’s Engagement Photo Shoot”

  1. T'Sey-Haye said

    great pictures. you captured the essence and happiness of joi and will so well. keep up the good work!

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