Platinum Weddings

June 25, 2009

It truly pains me to fess up to such a cliched girly habit, but I watch wedding shows. I do. (ooo…pun!) I blame my roommate Brittany for starting this nasty habit, but it has continued on even in her absence, so I can’t quite fault her completely. One of the shows that particularly fascinates me is “Platinum Weddings” on TLC. This show is basically “My Super Sweet 16” except for grown ups (so now you realize that those spoiled brats never actually mature…they just go from one show to the next). It follows various engaged couples, all who happen to be extravagantly wealthy, through the entire wedding planning process, catfights and temper tantrums included.

The majority of the show consists of the brides-to-be swooning over five figure wedding dresses, exotic destination venues, and cakes that I didn’t even know existed (“Amy and Ryan” got a diamond encrusted wedding cake….yes, really…isn’t that some sort of choking hazard?); the husbands-to-be groaning about how none of it is necessary; and then ultimately giving in and coughing up the money for these questionable expenditures anyway.

Wedding Photographer: Jacquelyn Marie Photography


Why do I watch this show? Why does anyone watch brain-rotting reality TV? It’s an escape…a way to ‘experience’ something that you may never have access to on your own. Seeing as how the likelihood of my ever having a million dollar wedding budget is probably somewhere close to infinitesimal, I’ll watch “Platinum Weddings” instead. And because my roommate forced me to, of course.

Even though it’s enjoyable to poke fun at the buffoons featured on the show, it’s actually kind of sad to know that the majority of them will probably file for divorce in no time flat. When your biggest priority is ensuring that each guest receives a bottle of Dom Perignon as a party favor (“Amy and David”), things start to look kinda grim for how the actual marriage will play out. I’m sure there are some couples who survive, but I’m even more certain that most of them have already split up and are on their way to planning “Platinum Weddings: Part Deux”.

Although Nieubreed caters to a high end clientel, we have been fortunate to work with couples who truly understand that, while the wedding is important, it’s only a small component of a far greater picture. Money may buy you the best cuisine, flowers and honeymoon, but it in no way guarantees a happy marriage. This may seem like an obvious statement, but in our society, where many admire the glitz and glamour of celebrity culture, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. It is certainly possible to have an elegant, upscale wedding as long as it’s accompanied by the realization that the best times with your partner are still to come.

The Beatles may have been a tad idealistic when they sang “all you need is love”, but I’ll take that over an 8.5 carat engagement ring any day (“Kelly and Thomas”…that boulder has got to cramp up her hand or something!)

Necessary? meh…

Wedding Photographer: Critsey Rowe Photography



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    All picture on your blog looks nice. Nice blog too.

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