Cake Boss

June 30, 2009

So this blog happens to involve another reality TV show. I’m not proud of this emerging pattern. One of these days, I’ll give you my thoughts on the History Channel or something more intellectual, but for now, I want to talk about “Cake Boss”.

I am simply obsessed with this show ( At 10pm every Monday night, I get into my PJs, snuggle up on the couch, and tune in to TLC (man, I should be receiving something from those guys by this point with all this free promotion) to watch the goings on of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The show centers around Buddy Valestro, an unbelievably talented cake decorator, and his very Italian family/co-workers.

I adore Buddy for so many reasons. First of all, his work is magnificent. It seems that there is no challenge he won’t tackle head on. He has made everything from a humungous cake with a 3D replica of a biplane for a children’s hospital to an even bigger fireman-themed cake, complete with real smoke and flashing lights. The sheer brilliance of his creations floors me.

Secondly, the show is just plain funny. I was cracking up at last week’s episode because of an absurd conflict that was brewing in the bakery. Two women had hired Buddy to create a naughty cake for their friend’s bachelorette party. Because of his mother’s staunch opposition to erotic cakes (did anyone else know that they even existed? It just never occurred to me before…), Buddy had to sneak around her back while making it. His debauchery was soon discovered, though, when his mother encountered a bunch of cakes topped with doughy male strippers. She was far from pleased, but the ranting and raving that ensued was most delightful to viewers.

Above all, however,  I love Buddy because he loves what he does. The immense joy that his business brings him is obvious.  Although I’m sure he’s able to charge an arm and a leg for his cakes, he doesn’t do it for the money (I’m not just guessing…his blog told me so, aha!). He does it because it is his passion and he revels in making other people happy.

Here’s where I make the connection to Nieubreed (I know you were waiting for it). Buddy and Co. remind me a lot of Nieubreed (nice and simple, huh?). Foley, Xavier and Jonathan create absolutely exquisite work for our clients. The things they come up with never cease to amaze me. However, what I will remember most about working here is the relationships that I’ve formed with these guys. We are professional and driven, but we also know how to enjoy ourselves. There is hardly ever a dull moment in the office.

And there are certainly times when the going gets rough and we drive each other up the walls. However, it doesn’t damper the enthusiasm we have for Nieubreed in the slightest because we simply love what we do. We’re extremely fortunate to have that gift, because we realize that many people don’t.

Who knew that the metaphorical significance of Cake Boss and its connection to Nieubreed could be so profound? Perhaps my History Channel expose can wait a while longer.


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