Wedding Disasters

July 2, 2009

Today started off with a very hostile clap of thunder jarring me awake farrr too early this morning. I nearly hit the ceiling and I’m still doubtful that my heart rate has returned to normal. A few hours later, this biblical weather has yet to let up. It is making me terribly grumpy. However, to combat my sulkiness, I always try to look for the silver lining in these types of situations. Because I work in this office and am perpetually enveloped by weddings, I astutely arrived at the realization that it could be much worse—what if I were getting married today? I would be one cranky bride. No one wants fears of drowning to be lopped in with all her other normal wedding day nerves.

In the spirit of ‘it could always be worse’, The Today Show recently compiled a list of real-life wedding disasters. You can find it at Included in this conglomeration of catastrophes are tales of restraining orders, food poisoning and swallowed rings (has hiding rings in food ever turned out well??). I’m familiar with the old adage that rain on your wedding day is a lucky omen. However, I’m not quite certain what getting a mug shot taken on your big day means. Is that really lucky or is that just a deal breaker? Thoughts?

Anyway, I hope you have a good chuckle while perusing these unfortunate accounts of weddings gone horribly awry. They definitely help to disprove the whole ‘the grass is greener’ theory. I bet the rain isn’t looking so bad now in comparison, is it?


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