Temple of Groom

July 3, 2009

This morning, my TwitterFox delighted me by featuring a tweet (ahh this social media lingo is fantastic) that caught my eye. Weddzilla suggested that its followers check out “Temple of Groom” at http://templeofgroom.blogspot.com/.

This blog is so refreshing because how often does one stumble upon a wedding blog written by a man? The graphics alone cracked me up…the image of Harrison Ford clutching a bouquet and a copy of “Modern Bride” sticks with you for a while.

Twenty seven year old ‘SuperDave’ from Los Angeles started the blog “as a way to reach out to [his] fellow brothers.” In his musings, he humorously describes everything from his aversion to the garter toss, to his preference for wedding pies over wedding cakes, to the stunning venues that he and his fiance have explored.

It’s not that SuperDave elaborates on anything particularly original…he writes about the cake, dress and ring just like any other wedding blogger. What makes Temple of Groom so enjoyable and downright fascinating is the simple fact that he is probably only one of a handful of straight, male wedding bloggers out there (please alert me  if you discover any others). It is deeply interesting (and entertaining!) to get a male’s perspective on an event that typically employs the bride as the ringmaster.

I give SuperDave a lot of credit for infiltrating an estrogen-filled arena that oftentimes leaves the groom out (whether by his own decision or not). I’m fairly certain that this pseudo Indiana Jones will be in a league all his own for a while, as far as male wedding documentation goes, but who knows? Whoo for trendsetting.

SuperDave’s wedding is planned for September of 2010. I look forward to reading his witty entries (which are laced with appropriate amounts of clever sarcasm…that’s always a big draw for me) until then. But what will he do afterwards?? Hopefully he will find someone else to pass the torch on to who can wax about what color Converse sneakers to wear with his tux just as rivetingly as SuperDave does.


One Response to “Temple of Groom”

  1. SuperDave said

    I’m completely flattered! Thanks for finding/following the blog! We’ll talk about how much I need to pay you for writing such nice stuff later, right? Just fax your invoice.

    Thanks again,

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