Wedding Favors

July 8, 2009

Gone are the days (hopefully) when the bride and groom gave away mini votives inscribed with their names to their wedding guests as favors. Why on earth would guests want a candle with someone else’s name on it anyway? Is that really going to come in handy?

With all of the resources out there nowadays, there is no excuse not to give your guests something delightfully unique that they will genuinely enjoy. I scoured sites such as,, and to find just a few examples of such treats.

At alone, you will find find a variety  of wonderfully unique wedding favors. Yes, most of them are based off of bad puns, but that sort of adds to the endearment. How can anyone resist the “Meant to Bee” ceramic honey pots or the “A Slice of Love” stainless-steel pizza cutter or the “Love-sicle” lightly scented popsicle soap bars? If such a  wacky play on words makes the more traditional couple cringe, there are plenty of slightly less silly favors to choose from on this site as well. has a selection of slightly more upscale favors that still won’t break the bank. The “Sea Glass Luminary” is absolutely lovely. If you want to find favors specifically for male guests, the “Shaken Not Stirred” martini salt and pepper shakers are a lot of fun, as are the “Hot Off the Grill” place cards/photo holders.

Along with all the photographs, wedding favors serve as little trinkets that guests can rely on to remember all the fun of the wedding day. You don’t have to be over the top, but remember to use some creativity and humor when deciding what guests will be carting home with them, because those “John & Sally Forever” votives are just going to get shoved away into the depths of some abandoned cabinet to collect dust. Not like the “Eat, Drink and Be Married” shot glasses offered on Now that’s romantic.


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