New Trends for 2010

July 10, 2009

Do you have crippling fears of not being hip and trendy enough on your wedding day?? (Probably not, but melodramatic lead ins are going to be a frequent occurrence as far as these blog posts go).

Never fear- InStyle Weddings has compiled a list of Hot Wedding Trends for 2010 for those of you who are wondering how to add a contemporary touch to your big day. Most of them are based off of celebrity weddings, so let’s just hope those kooky starlets know what they’re doing.

Apparently landscape centerpieces are all the rage now. I guess hydrangeas and freesia are old news. This site features a centerpiece of moss, tree bark and mushrooms. Mmm. I’m not quite set on that less-than-lovely medley of things I could weed up from my backyard, but perhaps this could work for more earthy folks.


These experts also say that veils are back in. I was unaware that they had ever been out! Anything that can help to cover my massive noggin will always get the green light from me!

Finally, what’s better than one wedding cake? Two wedding cakes, of course! My incurable sweet tooth is probably what makes this suggestion my favorite by far. Groom’s cakes are becoming all the rage now. Most guys probably aren’t bowled over by the frou frou floral design of the main wedding cake, so I say let them have their own! Popular grooms cakes include Playstations, football stadiums and Coors Light cans (but the last is reserved for only the most upscale of gentlemen).



Ah now I have a severe sugar craving. Must be off to fix that…


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