Don’t Tell the Bride

July 15, 2009

And now another post about reality television. You may have assumed that the recent absence of such topics meant that I was cured of my shameful addiction. Not quite. I have relapsed, and it has taken the form of “Don’t Tell The Bride”, a show airing on BBC America Fridays at 9/8c.


The show starts off with an exciting premise—an engaged couple gets $20,000 to plan their wedding. Awesome, right? The catch? The groom is in charge of planning absolutely everything. The bride is not allowed to have any say in the matter. They even sign a contract which stipulates that the bride and groom may have absolutely no form of contact with each other for a month prior to the event. This show means business! I’m sure the brides are seething the entire time, but the possibility of getting sued is usually reason enough for keeping one’s mouth shut.

The men definitely encounter many snags along the way. In one episode, the groom thoughtfully decides to design his wife’s wedding gown. His vision? A goth-inspired travesty complete with a red corset and red lace. He eventually acquiesces to his appalled mother’s pleas to get a more traditional dress instead, thus probably saving the marriage. Good job, mom.

There is certainly not a lack of cringe-worthy Bridezilla moments. Some brides quickly adopt the persona of bratty toddlers when they realize things aren’t going their way. It’s quite entertaining.

Overall, though, the weddings (usually) turn out okay and the couples realize (*cue the romantic strings playing in the background*) that marriage is about far more than just this single day. And your husband’s plans to have a BBQ reception are no reason to kick him to the curb…always a good thing to remember.


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