Fun First Dance Songs

July 16, 2009

At most weddings, the first dance is one of the most pivotal moments of the entire day, probably right below the exchanging of vows, and right above cutting the cake.  Some couples take the traditional route in choosing their first song, selecting Faith Hill or Shania Twain power ballads to mark this occasion. This is all fine and dandy (although you most likely will be judged if you choose “My Heart Will Go On” or “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”—I’ve seen it, and it ain’t pretty), but why not have a little fun with your pick? It’s definitely feasible to be classy and original at the same time.

The Knot recently featured a list of “30 Hip First Dance Songs” to help you with this endeavor. Although most of the choices are fantastic options, I had to wonder about a few, such as Sarah Mclachlan’s “Ice Cream” (sample lyrics: “Your love is better than ice cream…everyone here know how to fight”—whaa?) and Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend” (I know he’s an amazing artist and all, but some of those lyrics seem just a bit too salacious to be featured in a first dance song… in my humble opinion, awkwardness should not be part of that moment).  Otherwise, Stevie Wonder? Phish? U2? How could you go wrong?

And if you’re really up for making your first dance memorable, just take a cue from this fiesty duo: Best Wedding Dance Ever. They set out to make their first dance memorable, and I’d say that they were pretty successful.


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