Wedding Mistakes

August 10, 2009

I’m always in favor of a little self-help, so we’ll start this Monday off with an article from The Knot meant to help brides-to-be avoid the most frequent wedding planning slip ups. In Wedding Planning: 10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes, Kate Wood details various snafus that brides are likely to commit while planning their big day, and the clever ways to avoid them.

One of the most helpful pieces of advice is to make sure you have the guest list pretty much set before you make any other big decisions. From my own experience, after someone gets engaged, she excitedly thinks “venue, cake, flowers — oh my!” and starts planning like a wild woman, all before knowing who exactly will be in attendance. The number of people coming can have a huge impact on what sort of wedding you will want to have. Just make sure you know whether or not dear old Aunt Sally is coming before you book that off-the-wall reception spot in Vegas…she might not be able to take the shock of it all.

Another popular mistake involves the bride-to-be bombarding her fiance with soliloquies about all the fabulous trends found in the latest issue of Bride Magazine. To be clear, the responsibility of planning a wedding should not fall entirely on a bride’s shoulders. The groom should absolutely take a vested interest in the details of the wedding. That being said, pelting the poor guy with questions about “peonies or dahlias?” will inevitably send him running for the hills, wondering what on earth happened to the (relatively) sane girl he proposed to? To avoid this, perhaps you can split up the to-do list into specific tasks that each of you will enjoy planning. For instance, ask your fiance to be in charge of selecting tuxes, picking out a DJ/band and researching different honeymoon options. He may not give a hoot about the maid of honor’s shoe color, but he probably won’t protest to planning your trip to Fiji.

Lastly comes one of the top wedding mistakes made by frazzled brides-to-be…selecting a dress two sizes too small as motivation to lose 20 pounds before your wedding. While it’s admirable to try and get into shape, it is vital that you keep your expectations reasonable. Five pounds is totally achievable, ten pounds is plausible…anything more than that? Not very likely, especially given the stress you’ll be under thanks to all the other details that will need attending to. Keep some perspective by remembering that your fiance proposed to YOU…not a 50 pound lighter version of you. Besides, we’ve all seen the “Bridezillas” episodes where the bride does not achieve her weight loss goal and the dress does not fit…ooo boy. That’s scary stuff right there.

When it comes down to it, it’s fine to set some goals for yourself. However, it’s important that you ask yourself, “Will I still be perfectly happy on my wedding day even if (insert insignificant concern here, such as ‘I don’t lose any weight’)?” That answer should, obviously, be yes. If it’s not, you have far more to worry about than squeezing into a too-small wedding dress. And that’s no good, because therapy bills probably shouldn’t have to be factored in to the wedding planning process.


The Bachelorette…ha!

August 6, 2009

I think it’s been long enough, so here comes another dose of rambling on about reality television! Whoo!

This post concerns that silly little prime time extravaganza of blissful, hormonal fluff: The Bachelorette. The most recent installment had Jillian Harris, an interior designer from Canada and the runner up from the previous season, wining and dining (and Jacuzzi timing!) a group of thirty men (they sure are intent on giving her plenty of options).

On the season finale, which aired about two weeks ago, Jillian gave the final rose to Ed Swiderski, a technology consultant who hails from Chicago. There was outrage from fans around the globe, who insisted that she had made a grave mistake in not choosing either Kiptyn or Reid instead (which leads me to an irrelevant tangent…whatever happened to plain ol’ monikers like “Joe” and “Bob”?)

Jillian Harris and Ed Swerdiski

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski


Aww how cute. But! The smooth sailing did not last long at all. Although Jillian and Ed seemed nauseating lovey dovey at first, they are now in the midst of fighting off infidelity rumors—and, as I previously mentioned, it has only been two weeks since their engagement aired! Ed doesn’t seem to waste any time. Or perhaps ABC hired these other women as whistleblowers in an effort to stir up some ratings-boosting drama…ooo sneaky!

To be honest, I’m not terribly interested in getting to the nitty gritty truth of this laughable spectacle. All that really matters is taking a quick look at the show’s history—out of 17 total installments of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (not counting the most recent one), only one pair, Trista and Ryan, are still together. (Yes, technically Mary and Byron remain a couple, but since she was arrested last year for physically assaulting him, let’s not consider that a true success story, alrighty?)

Of course, I enjoy watching these mindless soap operas just as much as the next guy (if that next guy is even brave enough to admit it). I can totally appreciate it for its pure entertainment value. However, it’s ridiculous to get so worked up over the goings on of these shows (just by taking a quick peek at the obscenity-laden message boards pertaining to Jillian and Ed, I am totally justified in saying—cool your jets, people!)

Keep in mind that The Bachelorette is reality TV…meaning reality plays absolutely no part in it. And, for a show centered on matchmaking, it is failing miserably! Thus, if you are looking for true love, signing up for the show is probably not your best bet (also consider the beyond creepy Foot Fetish Guy that Jillian had to fend off). You’d probably have better luck asking grandma to fix you up…at least you won’t have sketchy Anderson Cooper prying into your business on Regis and Kelly…awwkward!:

“Dating” in College

August 5, 2009

To continue with our intriguing topic from last week, I bring you another viewpoint on dating today from one of my friends at school. Here, she voices her frustration with “the hookup culture” that runs rampant at college and describes how it makes it difficult for her to find someone who is also looking for something a bit more significant than no-strings-attached dalliances:

“As far as relationships go, I am definitely on the more traditional side. I almost wish I grew up in our parent’s generation, when people went out on lots of dates and could date several people at once. I feel like, in college, everyone was either in a serious relationship (which generally goes along with being attached at the hip, sleeping at each others’ places every night, going everywhere as a couple — more of a marriage than a relationship, in my opinion), having random hookups, or just alone. I fell into the alone category by choice, because I’m not looking for marriage right now and I’m also not looking for something completely meaningless. I want to date, to get to know different people without having to feel married, and I want to find guys who are interested in me as a total person and not just as a physical being. But because there are so many girls who do the random hookup thing (which I respect, as long as it’s what genuinely makes them happy, and not just the guy), there don’t seem to be many guys who actually want to date, and it seems like all those guys who do are already taken! I know there are good ones out there, but this hookup culture makes it tough to find them.”

It is easy to understand why this hookup culture can make things considerably frustrating for people who are looking for something a bit more substantial. However, this particular girl has a great head on her shoulders and I admire her for not settling for less than what she wants and deserves. There is no doubt in my mind that she will someday find a great guy. In the meantime, she’s jet setting around the globe and having a ball. Doesn’t sound too terribly rough!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m sorry that I have been MIA for so long. Family reunion festivities stole me away from the office. Several loyal readers of this blog have alerted me that they became horribly restless without any updates to mull over and hardly knew what to do with themselves in my absence. I had no idea that my vacation would be this jarring to people! So here I go…

Since there is lots to get done today, I am going to keep this post short, but still sweet.

I’m sure most of you have already gotten a glimpse of this viral video already. It has been featured just about everywhere since its initial release on YouTube. However, I think it is absolutely adorable. So, here I give you… Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Video

Although Jill and Kevin Heinz’s “Forever” wedding entrance may not be for everyone, it definitely put a big smile on my face. Sure, somersaults down the isle, big pink sunglasses, and a slo mo Matrix-y type performance may be a bit unorthodox. However, your wedding day should be a celebration of your love for each other—and no one can accuse these two lovebirds of skimping on the celebration part.

They took a risk by incorporating their personalities into the wedding festivities in a very unique way. However, I think most people really admire how they dared to be different, and truly enjoyed the refreshingly quirky ceremony that resulted from it.

It is evident that this is a couple that will last for a long time to come…if only because, let’s be honest, there’s really no way to top that first wedding. Aww.

Jill and Kevin Heinz

Jill and Kevin Heinz