The Bachelorette…ha!

August 6, 2009

I think it’s been long enough, so here comes another dose of rambling on about reality television! Whoo!

This post concerns that silly little prime time extravaganza of blissful, hormonal fluff: The Bachelorette. The most recent installment had Jillian Harris, an interior designer from Canada and the runner up from the previous season, wining and dining (and Jacuzzi timing!) a group of thirty men (they sure are intent on giving her plenty of options).

On the season finale, which aired about two weeks ago, Jillian gave the final rose to Ed Swiderski, a technology consultant who hails from Chicago. There was outrage from fans around the globe, who insisted that she had made a grave mistake in not choosing either Kiptyn or Reid instead (which leads me to an irrelevant tangent…whatever happened to plain ol’ monikers like “Joe” and “Bob”?)

Jillian Harris and Ed Swerdiski

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski


Aww how cute. But! The smooth sailing did not last long at all. Although Jillian and Ed seemed nauseating lovey dovey at first, they are now in the midst of fighting off infidelity rumors—and, as I previously mentioned, it has only been two weeks since their engagement aired! Ed doesn’t seem to waste any time. Or perhaps ABC hired these other women as whistleblowers in an effort to stir up some ratings-boosting drama…ooo sneaky!

To be honest, I’m not terribly interested in getting to the nitty gritty truth of this laughable spectacle. All that really matters is taking a quick look at the show’s history—out of 17 total installments of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (not counting the most recent one), only one pair, Trista and Ryan, are still together. (Yes, technically Mary and Byron remain a couple, but since she was arrested last year for physically assaulting him, let’s not consider that a true success story, alrighty?)

Of course, I enjoy watching these mindless soap operas just as much as the next guy (if that next guy is even brave enough to admit it). I can totally appreciate it for its pure entertainment value. However, it’s ridiculous to get so worked up over the goings on of these shows (just by taking a quick peek at the obscenity-laden message boards pertaining to Jillian and Ed, I am totally justified in saying—cool your jets, people!)

Keep in mind that The Bachelorette is reality TV…meaning reality plays absolutely no part in it. And, for a show centered on matchmaking, it is failing miserably! Thus, if you are looking for true love, signing up for the show is probably not your best bet (also consider the beyond creepy Foot Fetish Guy that Jillian had to fend off). You’d probably have better luck asking grandma to fix you up…at least you won’t have sketchy Anderson Cooper prying into your business on Regis and Kelly…awwkward!:


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