Blingin’ Cake

June 28, 2010

I guess they’re right, you can’t have the cake and eat it too…because you’d choke on diamonds.


Wedding Wear

June 24, 2010

Today I get the pleasure to go to my first wedding while interning here, and I must admit I’m pretty excited! I’ll be honest, when Foley told me that I had the opportunity of accompanying him my first thought wasn’t of how pumped I was to see the inter-workings of a Nieubreed wedding and seep in all the knowledge I could…. Instead my thoughts immediately turned to: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? Thanks to my chiseled e-stalking skills I deduced from the pictures from the Philly wedding that the dapper men of Nieubreed wore black at the last wedding.  Ofcourse I decided to follow suit, and after a few minutes of peeling through my sisters much more affluent wardrobe, I found the perfect dress for this outdoor wedding. This ordeal ofcourse sparked this blog entry (I officially think in Nieubreed blog ideas now. It’s amazing.) and I decided post about what not to wear at a wedding.

Thanks Glamour for posting this faabulous article.


5 Things You Should NEVER Wear

To A Wedding

Normally, on Save the Date, we focus on what you should wear to weddings, but today’s topic is all about please Don’ts. See if you agree, after the jump.

A white dress (or anything that could under any circumstances be mistaken for a wedding dress)


It might seem pretty obvious but still, I’m surprised by how often I see women making this mistake. Not cool, ladies. Save the floaty white dress for another occasion and take your pick of the 8,000 million other colors chilling in your closet—seriously.
Anything too short ‘n too tight


If you’re really drawn to these kind of get-ups, you might get away with one at the bachelorette party. After that, skip it. Enuf said.
A really conservative suit


Suits at weddings can be a Do if they’ve got a skirt, come in a pretty color and have feminine details (think, gorgeous vintage Chanel skirt suit). But that blah work-y thing you wore to the last three job interviews? Nah. Remember, weddings are supposed to be celebratory occasions.
An upstager dress


This part gets tricky, especially if the invitation reads “black tie.” A good rule of thumb is to think carefully about what gown you pick. If it’s something that’s shouting “Look at me! look at me!” or has center-of-attention details like a train or bustle, you might want to reconsider. (Remember my friend, bride Marion’s every-color-of-the-rainbow gown?)


Sure, they’re sexy, comfy and you can dance all night in them, but c’mon—it’s just bad manners. As a bride, I was even a little offended by the few people who opted to wear golf polos and capri pants to my Saturday night reception. Plus, what will grandma think?

Photos: Bride Wars: Everett. All others: Getty


June 23, 2010

I know, you’re probably anxiously awaiting the results of our MIZU gift card contest! Calm down folks, we’ll make a decision shortly! Meanwhile, I thought it best to attempt to humor you during your wait. No serious or long-winded talks/articles of mothers or fathers today! I was quoting one of my childhood cinematic favorites, Princess Bride, the other day with my sister.

In between my tears from a laughter overload, I thought I should share my favorite clip from that movie with you all since it does take place during a wedding ceremony.  And as you know, we at Nieubreed are ALL about weddings here. It’s kind-of our thing.

It is, by the way, pretty near impossible to pretend like I am not quivering with laughter right now.  I don’t want to disturb the creative minds here at the office, but this guy makes me laugh so much…

It was 3:30am and the Lobby was bumpin’ at the Downtown Marriott in Philly PA.  Notice Foley in the background of this picture?  It’s just moments before he takes off his shoes, his socks, his hat and plops his head on the pillow – sprawls out completely flat and begins his short lived nap.  Seconds later security assures him he’s not on a bed and he must get up asap.  Foley replies with incoherent grunts and goes back to being tired in a seating up position.

Mother Knows Best…

June 22, 2010

I didn’t want to neglect my mother with all this dad talk, so I thought I’d be an equal opportunity blogger and write about Mom too! It took a while  for me to recognize the wisdom my mother had, and ever since we have grown an inseparable bond. We’re not as creepy as the Elmer’s glue bond that the fictional Gilmore Girls have but I’d still say we’re still pretty close.

My mom and I...a few years back. hehe.

I’ve gone against her advice on many things for the majority of my life, and that includes relationships. Hopefully, I’m starting to learn! When thinking of tips for Newlyweds or engaged couples I first thought that my mother—with 27 years of marriage under her belt and counting—would be a good source. So I asked her for some tips for men and women new in the game of marriage! She was more than happy to provide me with some very good advice.

  • “God should be kept first”
  • “Communicate. Don’t say everything you think of– but things that are important you should communicate with one another.”
  • “Don’t hold grudges”
  • “Serve, don’t look to be served.”
  • “Be Careful about listening to everyone else’s advice for your relationship and holding what other people say above your own ideals.”
  • “Honor your spouse in public by saying good things or nothing at all”
  • “Establish your home or family traditions”
  • “Hold one another accountable for things”

Wise words…Thanks Mom!

As I viewed (*coughstalkedcoughcough*) updates from the Nieubreed fellas this weekend as they kicked off Wedding season in Philly,  I started to think about weddings and the different roles that people take in these beautiful ceremonies.  I pondered the important and symbolic role the father or father figure has in escorting his daughter down the aisle . In honor of Father’s Day, I thought it would be best to provide some male insight. I discovered the perfect article about a dad’s reflection on the act of escorting his daughter down the aisle. I’ll definitely be forwarding this blog entry to my über-awesome father. Hi Dad!

A Father’s Day Reflection on Walking Your Daughter Down the Aisle by Robert Wolgemuth

This is it,” I whispered to myself. “This is really it.”

Organ music filled all available air space with remarkable glory as the bridesmaids began their slow march down the center aisle, one by one. Our wedding coordinator would soon tell my daughter, Missy, to put her hand on my arm, in the traditional escort position. You know what I’m talking about: that formal, take-his-arm thing they teach awkward young boys and reluctant, blushing girls at cotillion.

In a few moments, I would obediently extend my arm so Missy and I could strike the pose and begin our journey to the altar. But for now, for just one more lingering moment, I held her hand.

This pose was more familiar. More sweet. It’s what we had done thousands of times all the way back to when we were crossing a busy street or walking along and going anywhere. She held my hand because it made her feel safe. I held her hand because it made me feel whole.

Like dolls on a conveyer belt, the perfectly spaced, bouquet-toting bridesmaids slowly glided forward.

The bride and her daddy stood quietly, taking it all in. Holding hands.

The Plank

Today, I’m the father of two married daughters. The first wedding was in 1994, when I escorted Missy down the aisle, and five years later it happened again with Julie.

Missy and Julie came into my life in 1971 and 1974, respectively. Moments after their births, I was presented with their burrito-sized bodies. Taking their tightly swaddled forms from the nurse, I looked into their ruddy faces, drew them up to me, and kissed them. Their eyes rolled back and forth, trying to focus. They squirmed. I kissed them again. The feeling in the deepest corner of my heart was wonder and overwhelming delight.

“Hello, little girl,” I whispered to them. “I’m your daddy.”

Like a sentry, I stood guard over these little girls during their childhood years. Their mother and I watched them crawl, then stand, then walk, then run, then ride their bikes. Because they were girls, they moved very quickly from making unintelligible noises to single words, to phrases, to sentences, to paragraphs, to complete unedited manuscripts.

Now these children were elegant women. At this wedding ceremony, my younger daughter Julie, the maid of honor, was the final doll to step on the conveyor belt. Missy, the bride, along with her dad, would be next.

As I slowly walked down the church’s center aisle, I wish I could tell you that the feeling was the same rapture I felt when I gave Missy her first kiss in the hospital. But it wasn’t. This wasn’t a wedding; it was a funeral. And deep in my soul, I knew it.

I was a man walking the plank.

Back in the days of treachery on the high seas, I’m sure walking the plank wasn’t a pleasant experience. But sometimes I smile at the stereotypical eye-patched pirate, parrot on one shoulder, filthy do-rag encircling his head and only a few remaining unbrushed teeth in his mouth, forcing his victim to drop into the roiling sea by walking a narrow plank.

Shades of this father headed to the chancel.

It Was Also Another Birth

You are probably shocked that I’d say something like this . . . comparing our daughter’s wedding to a funeral? Or a walk on the plank?

Let me assure you—without the slightest hesitation—that the men our daughters chose to marry are incredible. Missy’s husband, Jon, and Julie’s husband, Christopher, are the answers to our prayers. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the young men who stood at the end of that long aisle. Bobbie and I loved these men and were overjoyed with Missy and Julie’s choices.

So my dark feeling wasn’t because I disliked Jon or Christopher in any way.

What I knew was that this ceremony spelled the death of something—and the birth of something else. Something completely unknown to me.

Until this moment, I had been the most important man in their lives. As their parents, Bobbie and I had been the go-to folks for decisions, big and small. Our home was their home. But on this day—with one promise—all of that died.

What was born in that ceremony was a new most-important man, a new go-to guy, and a new marriage in a brand-new home. And on that wedding day—and the one five years later—something else was born, a role I had never known before: father of a married woman and father-in-law to a man I hadn’t raised.

More than two decades of hard-fought relationships with our daughters were instantly demoted to second string.

For each of them, there was a new superstar in town. And a relationship between my daughters and me that was going to need some adjustment.

Some serious remodeling.

The Big Idea of Remodeling

The early years of raising of our daughters are, in many ways, like new construction. House building. It’s a dad’s privileged responsibility to take the raw material of that tiny, helpless baby girl and shape her into completeness.

But now that she’s married, we’re taking the relationship we’ve built with our daughter for twenty-some years and retrofitting it into something different . . . not defining, but redefining.

What happens when our daughter takes our arm and we walk her down the aisle and say, “Her mother and I do,” is incredibly consequential. Our association with this woman will never be the same. It must be radically changed. Remodeled. If we don’t do this well, serious trouble awaits us. But if we are successful, this remodeled relationship with our daughter can be amazing.

If you have ever tackled a home remodeling project, you know what I’m about to say. If you haven’t, you can ask someone who has . . . or you can trust me with the following truth: remodeling is far more difficult than tackling new construction.

Building from scratch can be plotted and planned and controlled. Remodeling is a mystery. Surprises, twists, and unexpected turns are inevitable. New construction includes the precision of following a blueprint. Successful remodeling is solving one problem after another.

When we’re starting from scratch, we can roll out the plans on the hood of Old Blue and go for it. New construction is fairly predictable. Precise. But when we’re radically changing something that already exists—rebuilding something—we take it a day at a time. We brace for the unexpected and unforeseen surprises and roadblocks. Just like when our daughters get married.

Published June 18, 2009.

I fall victim to these strangely addicting summer reality shows, and the Bachelorette is no exception. I feel like ABC must have known about our fabulous MIZU Salon contest, because the most absurdly awkward date I have ever witnessed was aired just the other day on The Bachelorette. I could not contain my laughter as I was viewing this episode during my lunch break yesterday. Madison probably thought I was beyond insane, because I definitely shed a few tears laughing at this hilarious and desperate “musical” display of affection.

Here’s the situation. Ali, the adorable blond bachelorette take out Kasey for their first one-on-one date. Although I’ve always thought Kasey was missing a few key links in his brain region, I thought he was generally a nice guy and the date was going fairly well.

Ali seemed to be having a good time, and everything seemed normal (as normal as any date can be on this show.)  Kasey decides to take advantage of this magical moment…to freestyle sing. Completely out of the blue.

I snagged some audio and added some photos for your hearing and viewing pleasure:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To see the full episode, go to this link at the following times: 13:36 and 19:12 (he surprised everyone by bursting out into glorious song for a second time.) You will not be disappointed.

Until Ali personally enters our contest, she’s not exactly eligible… but you can be!

Remember to send in your true funny/embarrassing/awful date stories for a chance to win a $125.00 gift card to Mizu for exclusive Salon treatment!*

*Entries must be submitted as a comment to any of the blog entries detailing the contest rules. The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at

It’s Only Fair…

June 15, 2010

I thought it only fair to share a personal date story after reading the plethora of awesomely awkward, absurd and disastrous dating experiences that you have entered so far.  Now, mine is less of a story about a date, and more about what happened afterward.  A few months ago, I was on a first date with a guy that was in my class. We had been making eyes at one other across the room all semester, and after developing a playful banter he finally got the courage to ask me out. Aside for being an hour late to pick me up(in his defense he did tell me he might be late), the date honestly wasn’t that bad.  We ended up missing dinner, because the kitchen had closed at the location we had decided on but we had a lot of good conversation over some coffees.  Thankfully he made me laugh so hard that I didn’t notice our uproariously rumbling stomachs. Although he probably delved too far into his personal life for a first date–I thought he seemed like a very funny, kind and straightforward person. He talked about how he kept a very clean lifestyle, and for personal reasons no longer went out to bars or clubs nor took part in drinking in any alcohol anymore. He stressed this many times. I told him that I respected and applauded his life decision, but did let him know that I did partake in social weekend gatherings “out” with friends.  We seemed to accept the choices of one another and all in all, I had fun on the date and it seemed like he did too. Gauging by the amount of times he said “pimp decisions ” it was evident that we were very different, but I was glad I had given him a chance. It was a good time!

Now here’s where the story actually begins.  The next night, I was out with some of my best friends, dancing and having a good old-fashioned girls night.

Ladies Night!!!

Lo and behold, I ran into this character. I mean HE ran into me…stumbling…with 2 drinks in hand.  Now, this was they same guy that said several times that he didn’t participate in any drinking related activities or locations just 24 or so hours ago. He looked at me with a guilty bloodshot eyes, and I could not contain my shocked (and sober) laughter.  He said “I did NOT expect to see you here.” I replied with “I didn’t expect to see YOU here!” Trying to contain my laughter, I said a quick goodbye and walked back to my group of friends. It was made evident through his unnecessary lie that he was not for me, but I didn’t really think much else about it until the next time I saw him. The following Tuesday, he walked through the doors to our very small class of 18 members and made absolutely no eye contact.  I even called his name multiple times, and I was blatantly ignored.  I was hoping we could laugh off the situation, and still be friends but I was treated like this for the remainder of the semester. I was treated as though *I* lied for no reason and was caught in the act. How absurd! As offended or angry as I could have been… I can’t help but to laugh and laugh each and every time I think of this brilliant demonstration of ball-lessness.

I feel like a MIZU gift card would be a perfect remedy to the discomfort I experienced being in that small class with him for the remainder of the semester, but instead we at Nieubreed are going to grace the winner with this exclusive salon treatment remedy. You all are lucky…

Remember to send in your true funny/embarrassing/awful date stories for a chance to win a $125.00 gift card to Mizu for exclusive Salon treatment!*

*Entries must be submitted as a comment to any of the blog entries detailing the contest rules. The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at

*The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true “worst date ever” story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at

We’ll be posting randomly selected stories from the many that are pouring in to keep the enthusiasm burning!  Keep them coming…

The Pits

So one of my worst dates had to be when I was a senior in High School.  It was going to be our first date, ans I was waiting at home for him to pick me up.  So, arrives a BMW.  Not driven by my date, but by his cousin.  He informs me that his cousin is going to be driving us around, oh yay!  (Sarcastic)  He then informs me that we are going to stop by “a friend’s house”.  Pretty sure he just wanted to say “Hi” to his friend.  Nothing much going on at the house.  Maybe a few people were there.  Then he informs me that we are going to go to a party in the woods.  The place was called “The Pit’s”; should have known by the name of it, rather how the date started off that this night would be pretty uneventful.  So on the way there, his cousin chose to race a friend of there’s, who is also going to “The Pit’s” in his Mustang.  When we arrive there, we had to trek through the woods, down hills, just to say “Hi” to more people.  (This kid just liked to say “Hi”).  He then takes me to a restaurant, with his cousin and the friend with the Mustang, and his friend decides to start eating food off of my dinner plate.  At this point, I lied, (which I don’t like to do), about my curfew and had him take me home.  He then wanted a kiss.  Ya right!!!!  I just thank God that he sent me my husband so I don’t have to deal with people like that anymore!

Forget the endless search for comedic wedding cake toppers, my new obsession has been a direct result of this amazing Nieubreed Contest for the $125.00 Mizu gift card.* I’m officially hooked on reading all your date woes and oh-no’s, and I don’t think I’m the only one in the office who has made this their newest guilty pleasure!  We love what we’ve read so far! Please keep the stories coming or I’ll have search to elsewhere for a new addiction. We don’t want that, it could get bad for everyone here.

I’ve had to do obstacle courses, create ridiculously time consuming projects, eat concoctions that rivaled fear factor challenges, amongst plenty more for various contests I have been in over the span of my life. I WISH they were all as easy as simply providing an excerpt from my ridiculous dating life! And the reward? A $125.00 gift card at the exclusive Mizu Boston? Fantastic.  Madison brought in the gift card wrapped in his favorite blue, and after we oohed and ahhhed I took a picture:

*Entries must be submitted as a comment to any of the blog entries detailing the contest rules. The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at