June 4, 2010

As Xavier pointed out to me just yesterday, it seems I have forgotten to introduce myself! You’ve probably noticed by the time gap and the change in writing style, but I am not the same Nieubreed blogger as before.  I thought I’d help you put a face to a “voice”:

My name is Paula Champagne, and I’m the new summer intern at Affiliate Media. I am a recent graduate of Iowa State University. I received degrees in both Graphic Design and Advertising. Technically, this makes me a “professional”, but I decided instead of making a plunge into the real world immediately after graduation I would transition by acquiring another internship first.  My goal here is to learn as much as I can about motion graphics and film.  Only 2 weeks in and it is evident I will be learning much about that and muuuch much more! On top of graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing I’ll also be honing my writing skills and will be frequently updating this here blog! Get excited. I’m extremely thrilled that I get to be so involved with Nieubreed, as I am sort of in love with this company.  The creepy stalker kind of love (my favorite kind.)

Enough about the serious stuff.  Things that I love include: traveling (Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico? CHECK! Next? Somewhere in Africa, perhaps? Or maybe the Caribbean?), documenting and editing footage from abroad, dogs, making ridiculous/hilarious/awesome short movies with friends, watching TV shows back-to-back on DVD, learning to play instruments (so far: flute, guitar, voice, ukulele and a wee bit of piano), sushi, writing poetry, playing soccer, pizza, laughing until I cry, acoustic music, blueberry pomegranate juice, reading, drawing/painting, frozen yogurt…

Stay tuned… It’s going to be a wonderful summer, I can just tell.


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