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June 8, 2010

Shuffling feet. Awkward glances. Fumbling words. These are amongst the many uncomfortable happenings on a first date. I know I’m always wondering what he’s thinking, always conscious of what I’m saying—never wanting to reveal too much too soon.  The excitement of the potential in this person is over-clouded by my nerves and overall discomfort.  There is so much preparation that goes into a first date because people want to give a good first impression, because that is apparently really important.

When I first thought of first dates, immediately a quotable family favorite movie popped into my head: Hitch.  In this clip, Hitch (played by will smith) is giving dancing tips for a first date. Makes me laugh every time, without fail.

If I had it my way, I wouldn’t have to dress up and put on make up and do all the other preparatory things involved in getting ready for this first impression. I’d wear some soccer shorts and a t-shirt, I wouldn’t even think of styling my unruly head of hair, and we’d do something entirely typical… like grocery shopping or going to the Laundromat and putting in a mega-load. They’d get a more realistic first impression of who I am, and we’d be doing something that regular people do on a regular basis.  I wish I had the guts do try this out, but I’m sure I’d just be perceived as sloppy and lazy and odd, and I’m rarely the one deciding on the location of the first date. I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear the uncomfortable event that is a first date until I find the one God has for me.  Honestly, I can’t wait for the day where I can safely say I have already gone on my last first date. I think that’s the thing I am most happy for about people who have found their counterparts.

If you’ve found that person that you will be with forever, I raise my bottle of water to you and salute! I’m so happy for you!

I was looking around for funny or awful date stories, and it was incredibly difficult to find legit stories that weren’t excerpts from smutty magazines.  So I thought I’d ask, do you have any funny/embarrassing/awful date stories? They don’t have to be a first date, but that would be preferable. Your true story could win a Spa treatment* sponsored by Nieubreed! Respond to this post in the comments section of this entry with your story, and one winner will be selected!

*The Exclusive spa treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Further details to come. Questions? Contact Nieubreed.

A doodle I did a few years ago representing an awkward date...eek.


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