NIEUBREED CONTEST | Win $125.00 Gift Card To Mizu Boston

June 9, 2010

Lady’s and Gentlemen (and overwhelmingly yes; this is absolutely opened to men as well!) let the bad-date stories come pouring in!

So we were inspired… We blogged… and we posted… unfortunately a little bit too quickly but alas nothing is lost and all is won.  It was our mistake for underestimating the REACH of this blogy thingy-magig!  So here’s the deal, yes this is the second part to a several-part series and yes we’re re-blogging because clearly details are in order and yes I am excited.  Yesterday we announced the “Nieubreed Day at the Salon” contest and we realized, after receiving several requests / comments / questions / and not to mention confessions of disastrous date lives, that we needed some direction on this one.  As we put our heads together to come up with some much needed solutions and began a brainstorm session that involved breaking down certain contest rules and regulations, we were suddenly interrupted by the most fortunate of events.


Nieubreed’s lead photographer, Madison Gouzie – A Creative for AFM – struck up a fantabulous conversation with an ultra oooh la la Salon in Boston / New York.  His charm,wits, and not to mention sparkling smile scored Nieubreed a relationship with “Back Bay’s most exclusive destination.”  Now before I just throw this name at you lets consider this scenario for a moment shall we?

New York

Ever in your life have you desired a pampering so ridiculously superb that you felt akin to Hollywood’s most celebrated, Oscar nominated, GQ cover-model dated, superstars?  Of course you have!  It doesn’t matter how Sarah Plain And Tall one may be because at some point in your life you’ve fantasized about the highly improbable possibility of some day casting to the winds all thought of worry, responsibility, or stress in exchange for a coddling worth gently drooling over.  I’m “gently” drooling just writing about it!!  (It’s probably the fact that the Indiana Jones Raider’s of the Lost Arc Theme song is playing on Pandora while I write epically!  However… I digress.)


Nieubreed has taken the contest a bit further and has added a new component to the equation, thus; giving the “Nieubreed Day At The Salon” a bit more structure by extending to you the once in a lifetime opportunity to partake, for absolutely zero dollars, in an experience you’ll never forget at (drum roll please) Mizu | Hair Salon Boston.  Heck yeah!  This here is your opportunity to share with Nieubreed and the world your life experiences and in return we bless and shower you with gifts… A $125.00 gift to be exact!  Do you have any funny/embarrassing/awful date stories? They don’t have to be a first date, but that would be preferable. Your true story could win a Salon Treatment sponsored by Nieubreed! Respond to this post in the comments section of this entry with your story, and one winner will be selected!


And on behalf of everyone at Nieubreed I’d like to welcome you all to Boston’s premiere Salon… Mizu Boston exudes their east coast brand of elegance and sophistication. Their newly designed space at 776 Boylston Street features a number of designated areas for relaxation, retreat, and beautifying (as noted on their site) and the New York Salon is just as awesome.  But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself!!

*The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at


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