Comedic Cake Toppers

June 10, 2010

I seem to forget to eat before every wedding I’ve ever been to, and the thought of the wedding cake to be had at the reception is the constant sugary force that pulls me through.  Because of my near-starving state, I only focus on the actual taste of the cake, and not at all the decorations. Because of this, I’ve never focused on things like the wedding cake topper. I never knew that there were toppers of such an absurd variety, with such comedic (though often chauvinistic) stylings. I shamelessly admit that my new obsession is now finding (and laughing at) these unique cake toppers. So take a gander at these cake toppers that I discovered in the depths of cyberspace. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember to send in your true funny/embarrassing/awful date stories for a chance to win a $125.00 gift card to Mizu for exclusive Salon treatment!*

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