Feed my obsession with your true date stories!

June 11, 2010

Forget the endless search for comedic wedding cake toppers, my new obsession has been a direct result of this amazing Nieubreed Contest for the $125.00 Mizu gift card.* I’m officially hooked on reading all your date woes and oh-no’s, and I don’t think I’m the only one in the office who has made this their newest guilty pleasure!  We love what we’ve read so far! Please keep the stories coming or I’ll have search to elsewhere for a new addiction. We don’t want that, it could get bad for everyone here.

I’ve had to do obstacle courses, create ridiculously time consuming projects, eat concoctions that rivaled fear factor challenges, amongst plenty more for various contests I have been in over the span of my life. I WISH they were all as easy as simply providing an excerpt from my ridiculous dating life! And the reward? A $125.00 gift card at the exclusive Mizu Boston? Fantastic.  Madison brought in the gift card wrapped in his favorite blue, and after we oohed and ahhhed I took a picture:

*Entries must be submitted as a comment to any of the blog entries detailing the contest rules. The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at http://www.mizuforhair.com


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