It’s Only Fair…

June 15, 2010

I thought it only fair to share a personal date story after reading the plethora of awesomely awkward, absurd and disastrous dating experiences that you have entered so far.  Now, mine is less of a story about a date, and more about what happened afterward.  A few months ago, I was on a first date with a guy that was in my class. We had been making eyes at one other across the room all semester, and after developing a playful banter he finally got the courage to ask me out. Aside for being an hour late to pick me up(in his defense he did tell me he might be late), the date honestly wasn’t that bad.  We ended up missing dinner, because the kitchen had closed at the location we had decided on but we had a lot of good conversation over some coffees.  Thankfully he made me laugh so hard that I didn’t notice our uproariously rumbling stomachs. Although he probably delved too far into his personal life for a first date–I thought he seemed like a very funny, kind and straightforward person. He talked about how he kept a very clean lifestyle, and for personal reasons no longer went out to bars or clubs nor took part in drinking in any alcohol anymore. He stressed this many times. I told him that I respected and applauded his life decision, but did let him know that I did partake in social weekend gatherings “out” with friends.  We seemed to accept the choices of one another and all in all, I had fun on the date and it seemed like he did too. Gauging by the amount of times he said “pimp decisions ” it was evident that we were very different, but I was glad I had given him a chance. It was a good time!

Now here’s where the story actually begins.  The next night, I was out with some of my best friends, dancing and having a good old-fashioned girls night.

Ladies Night!!!

Lo and behold, I ran into this character. I mean HE ran into me…stumbling…with 2 drinks in hand.  Now, this was they same guy that said several times that he didn’t participate in any drinking related activities or locations just 24 or so hours ago. He looked at me with a guilty bloodshot eyes, and I could not contain my shocked (and sober) laughter.  He said “I did NOT expect to see you here.” I replied with “I didn’t expect to see YOU here!” Trying to contain my laughter, I said a quick goodbye and walked back to my group of friends. It was made evident through his unnecessary lie that he was not for me, but I didn’t really think much else about it until the next time I saw him. The following Tuesday, he walked through the doors to our very small class of 18 members and made absolutely no eye contact.  I even called his name multiple times, and I was blatantly ignored.  I was hoping we could laugh off the situation, and still be friends but I was treated like this for the remainder of the semester. I was treated as though *I* lied for no reason and was caught in the act. How absurd! As offended or angry as I could have been… I can’t help but to laugh and laugh each and every time I think of this brilliant demonstration of ball-lessness.

I feel like a MIZU gift card would be a perfect remedy to the discomfort I experienced being in that small class with him for the remainder of the semester, but instead we at Nieubreed are going to grace the winner with this exclusive salon treatment remedy. You all are lucky…

Remember to send in your true funny/embarrassing/awful date stories for a chance to win a $125.00 gift card to Mizu for exclusive Salon treatment!*

*Entries must be submitted as a comment to any of the blog entries detailing the contest rules. The Exclusive Salon treatment will be sponsored by Nieubreed. The deadline to submit your true story is June 18, 2010. No purchase necessary. Questions? Contact Nieubreed. Visit Mizu at


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