Mother Knows Best…

June 22, 2010

I didn’t want to neglect my mother with all this dad talk, so I thought I’d be an equal opportunity blogger and write about Mom too! It took a while  for me to recognize the wisdom my mother had, and ever since we have grown an inseparable bond. We’re not as creepy as the Elmer’s glue bond that the fictional Gilmore Girls have but I’d still say we’re still pretty close.

My mom and I...a few years back. hehe.

I’ve gone against her advice on many things for the majority of my life, and that includes relationships. Hopefully, I’m starting to learn! When thinking of tips for Newlyweds or engaged couples I first thought that my mother—with 27 years of marriage under her belt and counting—would be a good source. So I asked her for some tips for men and women new in the game of marriage! She was more than happy to provide me with some very good advice.

  • “God should be kept first”
  • “Communicate. Don’t say everything you think of– but things that are important you should communicate with one another.”
  • “Don’t hold grudges”
  • “Serve, don’t look to be served.”
  • “Be Careful about listening to everyone else’s advice for your relationship and holding what other people say above your own ideals.”
  • “Honor your spouse in public by saying good things or nothing at all”
  • “Establish your home or family traditions”
  • “Hold one another accountable for things”

Wise words…Thanks Mom!


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