Wedding Wear

June 24, 2010

Today I get the pleasure to go to my first wedding while interning here, and I must admit I’m pretty excited! I’ll be honest, when Foley told me that I had the opportunity of accompanying him my first thought wasn’t of how pumped I was to see the inter-workings of a Nieubreed wedding and seep in all the knowledge I could…. Instead my thoughts immediately turned to: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? Thanks to my chiseled e-stalking skills I deduced from the pictures from the Philly wedding that the dapper men of Nieubreed wore black at the last wedding.  Ofcourse I decided to follow suit, and after a few minutes of peeling through my sisters much more affluent wardrobe, I found the perfect dress for this outdoor wedding. This ordeal ofcourse sparked this blog entry (I officially think in Nieubreed blog ideas now. It’s amazing.) and I decided post about what not to wear at a wedding.

Thanks Glamour for posting this faabulous article.


5 Things You Should NEVER Wear

To A Wedding

Normally, on Save the Date, we focus on what you should wear to weddings, but today’s topic is all about please Don’ts. See if you agree, after the jump.

A white dress (or anything that could under any circumstances be mistaken for a wedding dress)


It might seem pretty obvious but still, I’m surprised by how often I see women making this mistake. Not cool, ladies. Save the floaty white dress for another occasion and take your pick of the 8,000 million other colors chilling in your closet—seriously.
Anything too short ‘n too tight


If you’re really drawn to these kind of get-ups, you might get away with one at the bachelorette party. After that, skip it. Enuf said.
A really conservative suit


Suits at weddings can be a Do if they’ve got a skirt, come in a pretty color and have feminine details (think, gorgeous vintage Chanel skirt suit). But that blah work-y thing you wore to the last three job interviews? Nah. Remember, weddings are supposed to be celebratory occasions.
An upstager dress


This part gets tricky, especially if the invitation reads “black tie.” A good rule of thumb is to think carefully about what gown you pick. If it’s something that’s shouting “Look at me! look at me!” or has center-of-attention details like a train or bustle, you might want to reconsider. (Remember my friend, bride Marion’s every-color-of-the-rainbow gown?)


Sure, they’re sexy, comfy and you can dance all night in them, but c’mon—it’s just bad manners. As a bride, I was even a little offended by the few people who opted to wear golf polos and capri pants to my Saturday night reception. Plus, what will grandma think?

Photos: Bride Wars: Everett. All others: Getty

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