Unusual Wedding Venues

July 1, 2010

I’ve never really given my wedding venue a second thought, but I must say I’m a little inspired by this epic list of unusual and real wedding venues compiled by ryankett of hubpages. Here are a few from his entry:

Unusual Wedding Venues

Married Underwater
People getting married underwater is now so common that I cannot even really refer to it as ‘unusual’, but why? They are all diving fanatics of course! If you are planning to get married underwater, then you should certainly not choose the murky, cold, and dirty water around the UK coast near me, but instead head to some coral reef of some description. A number of Diving companies now offer the services, each of which have their own diving priest/vicar/rabbi. I don’t really have much more to say about them, as I know nothing about diving and the associated technicalities, perhaps all I can really say is “each to their own”. I certainly wouldn’t accept an invite to such a ceremony!

Zero-Gravity Wedding

Two wealthy space fanatics made the headlines in June 2009 when they became the first ever couple to be married in zero-gravity conditions. The bride wore earrings shaped like planets, and the groom wore cuff links shaped like spacecraft, and the wedding party (see picture) attended in blue jump suits! The wedding took place in a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft operated by Zero Gravity Corp, a company which offers weightless flight experiences by flying thousands of metres about the gulf of Mexico (but not quite in space). The ceremony for the New York based couple was officiated by company co-founder Richard Garriott, also a registered notary. The couple just about managed to kiss, and did not drop the wedding ring, although there was great confusion when the wedding ring of one of the guests floated into their paths. It is not known how much the ceremony cost, but I am sure Zero Gravity Corp will quote you a (hefty!) price!

On The Outside Of A Plane

A British couple intrigued the world in August 2008 after getting married, whilst strapped to the wing of a plane! The groom was strapped to the wing of one plane, the bride on the wing of another, whilst the vicar was strapped facing backwards on another. In fact it wasn’t the first ceremony of the type to take place in Britain, as the 67 Methodist minister George Bingham was called upon after having officiated a wedding in similar circumstances 7 years prior! 100 guests watched from the ground and listen to the vows on loud speakers, rings were exchanged in a reception hall before take off.

I was so inspired by this list of true unusual wedding venues, that I decided to compile a list of wedding venues that would be unusual yet awesome if they were at all possible.

My Unusual (and sadly impossible) Wedding Venue Wishlist:

Middle Earth, specifically the Shire. A hobbit as the ring-bearer? It just makes sense!

Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory: Downside? You miiight bust out of your wedding dress from eating all the tasty treats. Upside: You know what’s better than a Chocolate fountain? A chocolate river,
that’s what.

The Garden of Eden: Imagine how lush the foliage must have been! You might want to rope of that one tree from all the guests so they aren’t instantly escorted out of the wedding, but other than that I really don’t see what could go wrong! Oh yeah, and stay clear of serpents.
I hear they can be a nuisance.
Pandora (from Avatar, for all you non-nerds.). How COOL would it be to have your wedding there?!? With all the beautiful colors and plants? I mean sure there are the whole freakishly large blue people that don’t really want you there…but I think it would be entirely worth it. Dibs.

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