To Theme or not to theme…

July 8, 2010

Themed parties are amongst my favorite parties to attend and participate in, why not a wedding? I’ve never been to a themed wedding, my only knowledge of them stem from the extraordinary library of weddings in movies and tv shows I’ve seen. So I decided to do a little research, and I discovered a few of shockingly outlandish themed weddings:

Couple Goes Green – as Shrek Characters – for Themed Wedding| Weddings, Shrek, Shrek Forever After

When green weddings come to mind, nothing about it in my mind screams Ogre… I was shocked to find a very recent Shrek- Themed wedding! They really committed to this theme, green makeup and masks and all!

“When friends told Welsh couple Tracey and Vivian Williams they resembled characters from the popular animated Shrek movies – you know, those green ogres – the two weren’t insulted. They embraced it. ” See the rest of the article here.

There is no question that America is officially obsessed with vampires, so I wasn’t even surprised to find an ample amount of vampire-themed wedding strewn across the endless abyss of cyberspace.

I love a good video game at the end of a long day, but this Halo themed wedding really takes the cake! Although the bride and groom were dressed in the traditional wedding garb, they were married by a man dressed as the Master Chief–helmet at all!

I’m hoping Nieubreed will have the opportunity to do a themed wedding, I’m absolutely fascinated…


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