The language of flowers

July 9, 2010

Flowers take part in integral moments in our love lives.  They are of extreme importance in a wedding, they really seem to bring things to life. I’ve always been interested in the historical meanings associated with flowers, and have compiled some research on these beautiful living things.

Baby’s Breath – These small clusters of white flowers represent festivity. There are also symbolic meanings tied to it of sincerity and a pure heart.

Carnations – Although they get a bad wrap because of their low cost, they speak a multitude of meanings.  Pink represents gratitude, red – flashy, striped – refusal, white – remembrance, yellow—cheerful.

Daffodil – Chivalry is the historical meaning, but because of the vibrant yellow color it also issues a message of wellness.

Daisy – Innocence is the meaning most tied to the daisy. Also, it communicates loyal love and purity.

Delphinium – This flower is commonly known as a larkspur, and historically represents boldness.  Open heartedness and lightness are also common symbolic associations with this flower.

Freesia – Spirited is the historical meaning for this flower, but also convey innocence and friendship.

Gladiolus – This flower derives from the Latin word “gladius”, which means sword.  The historical symbolization is Strength of character.  A bouquet is said to convey to the recipient that they “pierce the giver’s heart with passion.”  Rawr.

Hydrangea –  This flower was first discovered in Japan, and derives from the greek words “hydor” and “angos” which respectively mean water and jar. The historical symbolization is perseverance, and it is the 4th wedding anniversary flower.

Iris – Inspiration is the historical meaning of the Iris, but faith hope and wisdom are also symbolic ties to the flower.

Lisianthus – This flower looks similar to a rose when in bloom, and symbolizes calmness and appreciation.

Rose – The most popular American flower has several historical meanings associated with it, based on color.  Pink represents friendship, red – passionate love, red & white – unity, white – purity, yellow – zealous.

Sunflower –  The sunflower were first grown in Sentral and south Emerica, and were used for providing oil and food.  Their utility was the reason that adoration is the historic symbol of this flower.

Tulip – the various colors hold different meanings. Pink represents caring, purple – royalty, red –declaration of love, white –forgiveness, yellow – hopelessly in love, violet- faithfulness.


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