Bachelorette Predictions

July 14, 2010

As you might not know, one of my guilty pleasures is watching “reality” shows (I’d like to think I’m pretty selective about it though, no Jersey Shore here!)  My summer favorite is The Bachelorette. Now, before you judge me, I understand that this show doesn’t really make actual sense. One woman (or man) is placed with 25 or so ABC-selected men (or women).  After they weed out all the aesthetically unpleasing people and obvious crazies in the first round, they start to go on a slew of unrealistically grandiose “dates” (I don’t think it’s a real date unless it’s only 2 people present) that are sparked with the glitter of Hollywood. They don’t at all prepare them for a real relationship. Additionally, they’re on national television. Being on TV changes people, making most of them into fame-hungry contestants. That’s right, contestants. It is a CONTEST.  People tend to want to win, naturally. None of this is formula for a lasting relationship leading to marriage, which is why it comes as no surprise to me when almost every relationship on the show has ultimately ended in a dramatic break-up. This show just isn’t natural…

That being said, I still watch it and always manage to get somehow emotionally invested to it each summer. It’s that ABC drama magic, I just can’t fight it. The last episode broke my heart for the first time this season/cycle(I don’t know what they call it) as she tearfully let a man that she was clearly falling for go home. I didn’t even realize that I was a fan of the guy until she let him go! So I thought I’d analyze and predict the results of the show here, since we at Nieubreed are all about weddings and love and capturing them on camera…

Frank – I think this is a sweet guy, but I don’t think they would ever actually been dating in real life outside the show…He definitely wins the award for most emotional and sensitive on the show. I think Ali is his dream girl, and he can’t believe he’s living his dream! Come back to reality, Ali…

Roberto –  This guy is the complete package, hands down. He’s smart, suave, funny, extreeeeemely attractive, and seems like all around a good guy. I thought from the very first episode that he was going to be a front-runner in this competition. I think there is a great chance that Ali will choose him, but honestly…he’s not my first pick anymore. I think that for them the roles are reversed, Roberto is HER Dream guy and he needs to come to reality. Sorry Ali…

Chris L – Honestly, I didn’t really notice Chris until the last few episodes…and I don’t think Ali did either. I think the great thing about their relationship is that it started off with a friendship, they didn’t delve into romantic relationship the minute the show began. It seemed like the most normal interaction out of all of them. They progressed in the most normal time period you possibly could such an odd situation as the Bachelorette, and it looks like they are starting to develop real feelings. It’s just an added bonus that he’s from Massachusetts (home of Nieubreed and AFM!) Anyways, he’s funny, sweet, adorable, and seems…real. Plus the whole mom thing kindof tugs at my heartstrings, I must admit. So my hopes and ultimate prediction rest on the shoulders of Chris L.

Make the right choice, Ali!

I feel like that was the reality-tv-love version of ESPN’s PTI, and I love it.


One Response to “Bachelorette Predictions”

  1. Renee said


    I pretty much agree with every one of your statements! HOWEVER, I still love Roberto..although I do agree. I think She’d be happy…but would He be? Very intuitive 🙂 We’ll soon find out!

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